little dumbo x Shockoe Atelier

little dumbo is putting a flag in Shockoe Bottom’s Design Destrict, where we’ll be bringing a curated series of regional and internationally-known artists to the ground level of Shock Atelier, Richmond’s - well loved - manufacturers of hand crafted denim and luxury tailored goods. We are pleased to be partnering with Shock Atelier, giving Richmonders' another reason to gather and reconnect with their city’s canal and storied history of Shockoe Bottom. As the area re-emerges as a revitalized hub of culture and design, we share the vision of a community anchor, surrounded by cobblestone streets, in an old industrial building, and part of the architectural rehabilitation of tobacco industry structure and warehouses. 

The Lupesco’s, the family behind Shockoe Atelier, and newly minted little dumbo collective have cultivated a deep kinship, starting with a specially tailored pair of jeans, leading to an entire wardrobe, home cooked meals, shared music and deeply considerate conversations about the impact we as community builders and small business innovators have on our city. 

Little Dumbolittle dumbo