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Little Dumbo

Taking cues from historic hotbeds of creative production and a touch of folklore-magic, Little Dumbo contributes to new ways of experiencing and supporting experimental music culture while incorporating a deep reflection of it’s history. Guided by a collective of artists/musicians/writers/historians, our primary mission is to facilitate opportunities for artists touring the east coast.

At our headquarters in Richmond Va, Little Dumbo seeks to be a destination for local, regional, national and international artists. These artists are curated collectively from the pool of inquiries received and invitations initiated. In addition to our current calendar, we're working to develop a project for select artists to receive broader support for US touring, while increasing the viability and visibility of these artists in our growing network of communities.

We believe in art that not only reflects our current society, or re-presents the past, but offers new ways of thinking about our collective future. We aim to connect local communities to a growing constellation of publics, with new voices in music and sound. We work with artists to present community focused activities, performances, workshops, masterclasses, lectures, and experimental music events. Through a radical re-imagining we see art’s potential to not only impact the singular viewer/participant but a neighborhood, a city, and thought itself.

We value the exchange of ideas, culture, social perspectives, and organic growth over the exchange of currency. Imagination is power, yet so many of the tools needed to enact this radical force sit un-accessed, circulating only in small circles. We believe the arts can help to reconnect disjointed publics and weave together new ways of sensing, thinking, communicating and being.