Bobby Dunn and Anjou released on Thesis Set 03

Thesis is an on-going project created by artist, Gregory Euclidean, alongside graphic designer and programmer, Gabor Kerekes. They bring together musicians, prompted with a few generative rules that establish the nature of collaboration, allowing us to drop any assumption that what results has been powered by one person's intent. The facilitated work is released on 10" record, with laser cut and etched jacket and sleeve designed by Euclide. 

Two new works from ambient minimalist, Kyle Bobby Dunn, paired with a piece from Mark Nelson and Bobby Donny as Anjou, are found in the newest edition, Thesis Set 03. The record is stubbornly placid, suggesting upward growth as opposed to forward motion and avoids a so-called beauty that excludes all that is inconvenient. It is a pleasure to take in the recontoured boundaries  of sound as each piece envelopes the listener. 

Little Dumbo