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Lubelski/Nace | Double Wig | Grown Incoherent

Lubelski and Nace are both veterans of the American sub-underground. Between them they have many projects under many names on many labels. Most recently, however, the two have been focused on strong-based duo Altion, Samara in cahoots with Marcia Bassett, and Bill with Kim Gordon in Body/Head. These two ensembles explore different expanses of the genre. The Lubelski/Bassett Duo focus on the powerful beauty of drone rainbow landscapes, while Body/Head venture into dialogues dealing with subconscious dream language. Together Bill and Samara create a hybrid between these approaches, offering textual interactions that blaze like fire. Samara’s violin creates a base of long form string distention, against which Bill’s amp-shudder creates event surges that fill your brain with frozen images of walls caught in mid-collapse, and continents sinking into a sea. Their motion has tectonic implications.

Double Wig is Clint Takeda’s (Bardo Pond, Jandek) solo project of improv freak fuzz bass w/ secret doom pop whispered through a wig trip vision.

Grown Incoherent is a Richmond based quartet made up of members of Crazy Doberman and Rural Tourniquet.

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